Jesus is a verb not a noun

Yesterday, Jesus tuned my guitar and sharpened my senses, he inspired me
Paper and pencil in hand, he dictated the song and I refused to write
For talking and writing about Jesus is redundant, it would be better to take action
Then something told me that the only way to avoid redundancy it’s by telling
the truth
Saying that Jesus is action and movement, not just five letters making up
a name
Saying that Jesus wants us to take action not to talk
Saying that Jesus is a verb not a noun

Jesus is more than a simple and shallow theory
What are you doing brother reading the Bible all day?
What’s written in it can be summed up in Love, come on go and practice it
My brothers, Jesus is a verb not a noun

Jesus is more than a lavish temple of baroque style
He knows that ultimately this is nothing but rock
The church is carried in the soul and in one’s deeds, don’t forget that
My brothers, Jesus is a verb not a noun

Jesus is much more than crossing oneself, kneeling down and boasting about it
He knows that maybe deep inside their conscience is burning them
Jesus is more than a “savior of sinners” flower on the altar
My brothers, Jesus is a verb not a noun

Jesus is more than a group of women with a very black conscience
Who pretend to get to heaven with a charity club
If you want to be an active member you will have to present to the board
your saving account in Switzerland and official bonds

Jesus will turn into facts all of his preaching
Drinking coffee it’s a sin the Mormons say
They have so little to do that they go about making up such nonsense
My brothers, Jesus is a verb not a noun

Jesus does not understand why he is acclaimed at the cult
They talk about honesty knowing perfectly well that the tithe is just a fraud
Jesus feels disgust towards the clergyman who gets rich by the use of faith
My brothers, Jesus is a verb not a noun

I was baptized when I was two months old and I wasn’t even told
There was a party, pinata and they didn’t even ask me
baptize me yourself, Jesus, please. As friends
I know you hate protocol my brother

In the neighborhood the most religious person was Mrs. Carlota
She would talk about loving thy neighbor and punctured a hundred of my footballs
Since I was a little boy I started to learn that religion is nothing but a manual
that’s title is ” Forbidden to Think” for everything’s already written

Gentlemen don’t make divisions of faith, borders were made for countries
In this world there are more religions than happy children
Jesus thought: “I’ll become invisible so all my brothers
might stop talking about me and instead hold each other’s hands”

Jesus you’re the witness of the love I profess to you
I have my conscience clean that’s why I don’t go to confession
By praying “The Lord’s prayer” twice the killer does not bring his victim back to life
My brothers, Jesus is a verb not a noun

Jesus don’t come down to earth stay up there
All those who thought like you are lying down now
Forgotten in some cemetery with their ideals as their only luggage
They died with a smile on their lips
For they were a verb not a noun.

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